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Career Opportunities

Solid Rock Chrsitian School's growing environment provides opportunities for staff members interested in advancement. We expect a lot from our teachers but also believe in recognizing and compensating great performance.

Solid Rock Christian School recognizes that training and education are essential for maintaining the quality of its staff.


Solid Rock Chrstian School seeks individuals with the following experience, training, and characteristics to serve as Lead Teachers in our Private School program:

Bachelor's Degree/ Teaching Certificate and/or previous experience working with students in a classroom setting.
Able to organize a classroom and achieve established objectives.
Have a creative teaching style and the ability to improvise when the children’s mood changes.
Ability to structure student's days. Able to utilize lesson plans and to improvise if the student has not grasped the concept being taught.
Great people skills.
Well organized.
Able to communicate well with parents and articulate concerns well and in a timely manner.

If you are interested in applying at Solid Rock Chrsitian School, contact us here!

Solid Rock Christian School accepts children without regard to race, religion, or national origin.

Solid Rock Christian School is a Minstry Outreach of Solid Rock Worship Center, Inc.
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