Student Life

SRCS is much more than students, teachers and classrooms.
We’re a community.

We encourage our students to join in confidence building, welcoming activities & events geared to complement their academic experience while bolstering a sense of achievement. Discover what student life at SRCS is like.

To learn more, see the list below and the links in the top menu bar. These are just a few of the extra curricular activities we encourage students to take part in.

Weekly Chapel Service
100 Book Club (Promoting a love of literature in a positive environment)
All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Lunches (Domino’s Pizza, Mt. Dora)
Annual Christmas Pageant (School-wide performance)
Award Ceremony
Campus Science Fair
Campus Geography Fair

Field Days (Fall/Spring Athletic Challenges and Games)
Field Trips
Geo Bee
Run/Walk Themed Event(s)
SRCS Spirit Days (Monthly)
Spelling Bee
Spring Squatch Mile
Turkey Trot