ASP Program

The SRCS Academic Support Program (ASP) is an academically-based opportunity designed with a smaller student to teacher ratio.  This program is separate from our main stream classrooms. 

In this environment, the students focus more attention to core academics as well as receiving more attention from their teacher.  Solid Rock Christian School offers this program for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)/Learning Disabled (LD). 

In this program, our classroom design allows for both individualized study and group-oriented instruction along with centers and STEM activities.  Our educational goal is to help students learn how to learn and to concentrate on the academic and social skills that are essential for success. 

Our academic approach includes a mainstream/self contained classroom approach.  It would be our pleasure to take you on a tour of program to show you what what we offer students with autism and special needs. You can see our campus, meet our teachers and learn more about our cirruculm and activities.  SRCS accepts McKay, Gardiner, Family Empowerment, Step Up, and AAA Scholarships.

Additional to the daily academics, student performance is measured in standardized testing and reading.  (Additional fees are required for the Academic Support Program.)  

Academic Support Program Highlights and Focuses Include:

  • Specialized curriculum designed specifically around student’s individual ability to work at their own pace.
  • Development of social skills by interacting with friends and fellow classmates.
  • Classroom design that allows for both individualized study and group-oriented instruction, STEM activities and centers.

One-on-One Academic Support Program
This program is designed to work with the student who is not successful in a group teaching environment but seeks the attention of a one-on-one instructor in order to receive the best opportunity to excel in the academic realm.   (Additional fees are required for the One-on-One Academic Support Program.)